world unknown MIDWINTER MEGAWU

world unknown MIDWINTER MEGAWU

28th Dec 2018 3pm - 6am

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Event Details

just to clarify - there is no wu years eve this year, this is the replacement and will be even better

all required info is listed below...

ladies and gentlemen, may we present.....

the world unknown

friday 28th december

3pm to 6am

at GROWtottenham and theCAUSE

6 rooms of midwinter musical mayhem, possibly a 7th even

room one

world unknown
manchester and london dancing in harmony

kelvin andrews b2b andy blake for 5 hours
jon dasilva (1988 hacienda resident and godlike balearic genius)
mr shiver

and playing live
el prevost
SOUTHLONDON rudeness nicing up
the area

more to be announced....


room two

tba soon - you're going to love it tho. a stone cold promise


room three

dirty laundry disco room

resident djs
nick gynn (pleasure club recordings)
tim ross

and guests
toby tobias
and many more
watch this space


room four

subsystem x animals on psychedelics
outdoors comes indoors

resident djs
remove me
richard gregory

and very special guests to be announced soon


room five

CHILDSPLAY and a very kinky partner taking things into the future


room six

the ambient wuumb in the inflatable ashram in association with netil radio

miro sundaymusiq
cosmic sanj
amy alsop
scott bowley

and guests

kick drum tax in full effect


total chaz and amy alsop's south london rave riot ABSOLUTELY YES will also be joining us at some stage in the proceedings

advance tickets are

£5, £8, £10 and & £12

lots more to be added and elucidated upon in the coming weeks....

don't be square, be there