FTZ 5th Birthday - Rahaan and Marcel Vogel

FTZ 5th Birthday - Rahaan and Marcel Vogel

18th Mar 2017 9pm - 4am

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FTZ turns 5 with a Lumberjacks in Hell Label Showcase!

DJ Rahaan (Street Edits, Disco Deviance)
Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks in Hell)
Alex Patten (Sex Love Experiences)
Fade to Zaire

Music is love. Ain't nothing real but love....


DJ Rahaan

People love talking about Late Night Tuff Guy, The Reflex, Greg Wilson et al as the disco edit go to dudes. Well Rahaan is better. Yeh, I said it. 

He finds some of the most obscure soul and disco tunes then remoulds them for people that love house. He is a shinning light of positivity and this really does come through as a stead fast message in everything he does. The dude is a lover.

He had released a shed load of tracks over his long career and I definately remember seeing him in Manchester at the Roadhouse play edits that really changed my vision of how a DJ can use disco in a house environment. His two tunes 'Hit 'n' Run' and 'The Right Size' always brought out the best moves on any floor during that time. His Boiler Rooms since then have gone down as some of the all time best ones and definately one of our favourites is the Dekmental one.

His records have been played nearly every time we spin tunes. It feels like a huge privelage to have such a solid human being make his way down to FTZ.

Rahaan - Right Size


Rahaan - Make Me Whole


Boiler Room -



Marcel Vogel

A true taste maker via his Lumberjacks in Hell label, but further to that a real music lover. He has been playing house and disco for years as a DJ and producer with a load of new stuff dropping in Feb. Previous guests including FYI Chris we picked up from listening to the releases Ok'd by this gent.

He really has been around the world to get the best records for your ears having started in Germany, then moving to Amsterdam and now whipsers of a move to Barcelona are on the cards. He is a Boiler Room regular due to his much recongnised selecting status, with a great one at a recent ADE.

This is a man that lives and breaths underground club music, he is going to be breathing his minty fresh musical tastes all over our floor. 

Boiler Room -



Alex Patten

Beautiful looking geezer with some wicked tunes about to get pressed on to wax. We have been playing music together for a while now and this is going to be his FTZ debut. Psyched.


Fade to Zaire

As always an A for effort and handy for guest list


This one will be special x


We are working with Watch the Hype to cover this fantastic auditry extravaganza to its fullest. They have some right sexy tracks from some really good looking artists if you fancy a butchers....